About Us

  • Ajyal Establishment was founded in 1991.

  • Ajyal Establishment was the first manufacturer of the sugar free gum in the Middle East region.

  • Proudly, our products have got very important portion in the Syrian market then in the neighboring markets and specially the sugar free gum.

  • Our establishment exports to most Arabian African, and European countries.

  • The rapidly expansion of the external markets and their increasing demands, push our establishment to make other industries beside of gum manufacturing like candies and toffee industries.

  • Our Establishment achieved the success and fame within a short time due to its products quality and the organized advertisements in addition to the participation in many local and International exhibitions such as: ISM ( COLOGNE – GERMANY ) – SIAL ( PAL – FRANCE)

  • Today Our workers’ number is 150 is except of the executives.





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